Study Abroad

Game Design is a very international subject area since games are found in every culture in every corner of the world! Are you interested in widening your own international experience during your education with us? The Department of Game Design has exchange partner universities that also specialise in Game Design but more partners are coming!

Who can apply?

Game Design students enrolled in any of the Bachelor programmes in Game Design, the Master programme in Game Design or any of the single courses in Game Design at Uppsala University and who want to study abroad can apply for exchange studies.

Some of Uppsala University's central partners can also have Game Design subjects or another subject area that you wish to explore. There are also options for traineeship with other Erasmus+ countries or why not add a summer course abroad? Any student of Uppsala University can apply, but their application periods and selection criteria differ.

It is possible to apply for a place within the central agreements first, and if you do not want the place you have been offered, you can apply to any of the departmental agreements after giving notification that you do not wish to accept the place offered.

Partner Universities

(If you are curious about any of these choices and want to know more, contact Stephanie Noroozy at the Department of Game Design.)

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
This exchange agreement in Portsmouth offers you similar courses that we have but also courses we don't offer, like sound technique. We cooperate with their School of Creative Technologies. One year, 60 credits, is equal to 120 credit points there, so one semester full-time studies there is 60 credit points.

University of Southampton-Winchester School of Art, United Kingdom
Here you can chose to study at an art school that has Games Design and Art. Courses from their bachelor programme, Bachelor of Games Design and Art could be very interesting. Their credit system is the same as ours with 60 credits=60 ECTS credits there.

Information to students intending to study in the UK after December 31, 2020

The rules for EU citizens to study in UK will be changed from January 2021. EU students planning to study in the UK from 2021 and onwards and not currently residing in the UK, will need to apply for a student visa before starting their studies, if the studies are longer than 6 months. For more information please see Study in the UK on a Student visa. For studies shorter than 6 months, students may use the so-called visitor route and can show their plans at the border. No Erasmus-scholarship is available after May 31, 2023.

Universidad Francisco De Vitoria (UFV), Madrid,Spain
UFV, which is situated just outside of Madrid, offers several courses taught in English in Game Design but also interesting courses in Communications. We recommend that you are interested in studying some Spanish, which is offered at several different levels, in order to come up to full-time studies. Their handbook for international students is useful to find courses and other useful information.

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands
We are cooperating with the School of Games and Interaction at this university in the student friendly city of Utrecht. They have a suggested package of courses taught in English for 30 credits put together for exchange students which can only be modified slightly if necessary for transfer of credits. This is an awesome option if you want to continue with Game Design and get connected to the diverse Dutch culture and make connections for career options in the future.

Volda University College, Volda, Norway
Volda University College, VUC, is the place to choose if you are interested in animation and specializations within animation like stop-motion, drawn animation, digital animation and animation production. The animation programme has several studios with high-end equipment to use while you study there. Activities in the courses are centered around lectures, projects in teams and individual work with guidance. 

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Hamar, Norway
This is an opportunity to dive deep into 3D-Art & Generalization, 3D-Animation and/or Digital Art & Motion Design in courses from their Bachelor of Animation and Digital Art or from the Game Technology and Simulation program. Read more about The Game School there.

Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan
To attend Osaka Institute of Technology as an exchange student to attend classes (for credit): Exchange students can attend classes for credits for 1 to 2 semesters. In this case, you are requested to start and end your studies according to the designated semester dates. In addition, it is necessary to have JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level N2 or more because most of their courses are conducted only in Japanese.

Tokyo University Technology (TUT), Japan
To attend Tokyo University Technology as an exchange student in their School of Media Sciences and to attend classes (for credit): Exchange students can attend classes for credits for 1 to 2 semesters. In this case, you are requested to start and end your studies according to the designated semester dates. In addition, it is necessary to have JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level N2 or more because most of their courses are conducted only in Japanese.

More Choices within Humanities/Arts

As a student within humanities/arts, you can apply for study abroad with universities that the Faculty of Arts collaborates with: Study Abroad within the Humanities, (that information is only available in Swedish, contact Stephanie for more details). This is the list of universities, mostly in Europe, that you can apply for to study humanities/arts. Note that you have to apply using a different application form and you apply between March 1-March 20, for studies that begin the autumn of 2022.

How to apply

For studies abroad for the autumn semester for Game Design's own partners, the online application is open from January 1--31, 2024. The name of the application you should choose is: "Application for outgoing students - Department specific exchanges HUMSAM". In the application you will be asked to upload an Academic Purpose Statement, among other documents that you can get from My Ladok.

The Academic Purpose Statement, max 400 words, should include a list of courses you wish to study that you have found from the partner's homepage. The list can be for one semester, full-time studies. You should also describe how the courses fit in with your overall study goals and/or how it may relate to your future career.

For study abroad for the autumn semester within the central agreements, you need to apply in November, 2023. To apply for study abroad opportunities for the spring term, you need to apply in May the year before.

For the other study abroad experiences: Erasmus+ traineeship or Summer courses abroad, make sure you check out the central information e-a-r-l-y.

Who gets a place?

After all the applications have been submitted and the deadline has passed, a working group consisting of the Director of Studies, the course administrator and a couple of teachers gather to review all the applications. If there are more applicants than the number of places, we make a selection based on the number of completed credits within the programme, number of credits with VG, and the course proposal plus the motivation letter. As a discretion criteria, student representation is used as well as representation of students from different programmes.

Notification of a placement is given a couple of weeks after the last application date, but an application directly to the partner university must be made where you wait for an admission notification from them. The wait can take a very long time but usually a positive notification is received.

After the exchange

The courses you manage to receive academic credit for from the partner university should be credited to your degree after your exchange. The rules are generous but there is a lot you need to plan for and know before you choose which courses you should study there, i e before you go. You should therefore have a good idea of what your degree requirements are and which courses you can choose from at the partner universities.

In order to finish your exchange, you need to write a travel report, transfer your credits and if applicable, apply for continued financing/studiemedel. During your exchange, you have to remember to apply for your continued courses for the next semester also.


Stephanie Noroozy at the Department of Game Design, can be contacted for further details for Game Design students who are interested in complementing their Game Design programme with a study abroad period,

Incoming exchange students from our partners should begin planning their exchange with their home university.

Last modified: 2023-12-01