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Student Representation

Influence the direction and priorities of the Department in the following working groups, Department Board and Programme Councils. At the very least, contact your student representatives listed below to voice your opinion and ideas, your input is important!

Student Representatives

Department board

Student representatives to the Department Board are selected by the student union, Rindi, at the beginning of each academic year. Read more about the Department Board and what they do here

Student Representatives until November 1, 2021:

Planned Meetings for autumn 2021
  • 6 October
  • 3 November
  • 8 December

Programme Council

Programme Councils are held twice a semester and are summoned by the Director of Studies (for the major) and Programme Coordinators (for the minors).  Their purpose is to evaluate courses and the structure of the programmes, improve the pedagogics, as well as content of the subjects in order to ensure continuity and quality. Programme Coordinators bring with them subject specific issues raised in the Programme Council to the weekly Operational Meetings. Programme Councils must include Student Representatives. Representatives for the Council are elected through a process managed by the Department, early in the beginning of each new academic year.

Current Student Representatives:

Game Design 2019

  • Alex.Andersson.3311@student.uu.se
  • Ronja.jakobsson.1496@student.uu.se

Game Design 2020

  • Joel Uisk: joel.uisk.9676@student.uu.se

Game Design-Graphics 2019

  • Daria Bokovaya: Daria.Bokovaya.0620@student.uu.se
  • Erik Wiberg: erik.wiberg.5199@student.uu.se  

Game Design-Graphics 2020

  • Shai Panaga: shaimelkerjamias.panaga.0196@student.uu.se
  • Ryan Hellgren: ryan.hellgren.9049@student.uu.se

Game Design-Programming 2019

  • Teemu Laiho: Teemu.Laiho.0548@student.uu.se 

Game Design-Programming 2020

  • Alexander Sokolov: alexander.sokolov.3152@student.uu.se
  • Fabian Larsson: fabian.larsson.3189@student.uu.se

Game Design-Project Management 2019

  • Andrej Dudoglo:  Andrej.Dudoglo.7756@student.uu.se
  • Sarah Norén: Sarah.Noren.7266@student.uu.se 

Game Design-Project Management 2020

  • Christian Bondi: christian.bondi.8203@student.uu.se 
  • Sabina Hallmén: sabina.hallmen.9292@student.uu.se

Master Programme 2020

  • Rishi.Krishnansherly.0408@student.uu.se
Planned Meetings for autumn 2021

Bachelor Progammes

  • 20 October
  • 19 January

Master Programmes

  • 27 okt
  • 12 jan

Event Group Members and Contacts

  • Madeleine Andrée-Särland, Administrative Coordinator
  • Ulf Benjaminsson, University Lecturer 
  • Finn Engström, Tecnician
  • Teemu Laiho, student representative
  • Håkan Mattsson, University Lecturer
  • Stephanie Noroozy, Course Administrator

This group welcomes new student representatives for 2020/21, contact us if you are interested: Stephanie.Noroozy@speldesign.uu.se eller Madeleine.Andree-Sarland@speldesign.uu.se

Planned Events for 2021/22
  • My First Jam, October 
  • Alumni Night, December 
  • Gotland Game Conference, June
Last modified: 2021-09-05