Department Decision for Spring 2021

Our Department made an early decision (2020-05-05 and updated 2020-06-16) to provide all our courses for the entire autumn semester by distance only. As we have earlier promised, we have now (2020-10-07) made a new decision for the upcoming spring semester 2021 which will begin on January 18th, 2021:

• All courses taught at the Department of Game Design-Campus Gotland in the spring semester 2021 for year 1 and 2 of the bachelor's programmes and year 1 of the master's programme will be given on campus.

• All courses taught at the Department of Game Design-Campus Gotland in the spring semester 2021 for year 3 of the bachelor's programme and year 2 of the master's programme will be given as hybrid courses. These students choose whether they want to study the courses online or on campus.

The time until the start of the spring semester will be used by the department's teachers to plan the implementation of the courses in a Covid-19 safe way.

Students in the bachelor's programmes year 1 and 2 and in the master's program year 1 will not be offered to study at a distance during the spring semester. We will, however, use digital solutions to avoid large gatherings and longer seminars. If you decide you cannot continue with the programme on campus, you may apply for a leave of absence from the programme by contacting the Student Service Campus Gotland:

Spring semester courses are conducted during the period January 18 - June 6, 2021.

If at all possible, we recommend that all students arrive in Gotland at least one week before the teaching starts and during that week that you limit your social contacts to a minimum.

More details about arriving, housing, and other recommendations will be announced shortly and updated here and will be sent in an email.