Department Decision for Autumn semester 2021

After recent announcements from the Swedish government, the Swedish Public Health Agency (May 27, 2021) and Uppsala University management, the Department of Game Design has planned to return to physical, on-campus education in Visby for the autumn semester 2021. The first two weeks August 30-September 10, however, will be taught online-only while we wait for international students arriving late in August who need to sit in a period of self-isolation. It is important for us to let all students and staff know that all our Bachelor and Master programmes in Game Design plus any of our own autumn semester free-standing courses advertised as on-campus are being prepared for on-campus education which will require your presence in Visby from Monday, September 6.

It is thus advisable for students who wish to accept their study places, to take all necessary steps to plan for their residence in Visby, Gotland, Sweden, including applying for residence permits for those who need to do so. All students residing outside of Sweden need to keep themselves informed of all travel restrictions and guidelines, detailed information is provided by your nearest Swedish Embassy or

At the same time, it is extremely important to inform you that the plans we have for physical, on-campus education may change at any point, depending on any decisions changed by the University or by other Swedish authorities. Only if our plans are forced to change at a later stage, will we guarantee that admitted students may participate in our programmes and courses remotely, by means of distance learning. The University cannot compensate for personal travel expenses, housing deposits, or other personal costs that could arrive because of a changed decision.

To remain cautious, distance learning tools will be used to avoid large gatherings and over-crowded classrooms. We will remain cautious the entire autumn semester and will expect from everyone continued good hand-hygiene, staying home at the slightest signs of symptoms related to covid-19, and any new recommendations that are recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Additional information provided by the University is available with continued updates for any changes or extra recommendations here: and the Department will post any necessary updates here also. All Welcome-information will be updated very soon: .

Any questions can be directed to:

Last modified: 2021-08-27