Equal Opportunties Group

The Equal Opportunities Group has a mission to:

  • ­Relay, monitor and guide the implementation of the official ordinances on equal opportunities within the Department.
  • Further this work and relay back to the Prefekt/Head of the Department and the faculty group if changes in official documentation or procedures is called for or needed.
  • ­Help the Department keep ajour with the current developments in the field of equal opportunities.
This group follows the programme and action plan that Uppsala University has established in the Action Plan for Equal Opportunities and the Equal Opportunities Programme which are part of the Goals and Strategies of the University.

Group Members and Contact information

  • Johan Eriksson; chairperson and ombud
  • ­Mika Edström
  • ­Ulf Benjaminsson
  • ­Madeleine Andrée Särland
  • ­Moa Bruus; student representative (mandate period: Nov 2018-Nov 2019)

For more information, contact: Johan.Eriksson@speldesign.uu.se

Next meeting

September 25, 2019

More details will be posted here later.