Ludum Platform

In collaboration with the department of psychology and the department of education at Uppsala University, we have developed a commercial-quality game software called the Ludum Platform. We designed this platform for researchers, designers, and educators to create game experiences that are comparable to commercially available products, while also allowing for easy and comprehensive data analyses of particular player behaviors.

Screenshot from The Ludum Game
Screenshot from The Ludum Game​

The Ludum Platform consists of The Ludum Editor and The Ludum Game. The Ludum Editor uses an easy-to-use menu system that allows researchers to build their own Ludum Game through customizable options and settings, including:

  • goals and aims of the game,
  • narrative and story,
  • win/lose conditions,
  • puzzles,
  • difficulty,
  • complexity,
  • distribution of resources, and
  • player feedback.

Custom survey and questionnaire tools can be integrated into the game, without ever breaking the game experience. Visual and auditory design elements can also be customized. Importantly, real-time, time-locked data automatically measures player movements, interactions, inputs, response times, and task-related goals and behaviors. 

The Ludum Platform allows researchers to easily create games, conduct testing in-person or online, and export and share project settings and data.This means that labs from across various cultures and contexts have the same experimental control and standardization, while easily sharing projects and findings.

Menu from The Ludum Game
Menu from The Ludum Game

Developed by

  • ​Elias Faltin (Scrum Master, Concept Design, 2D Art, Music, Sound Effects)
  • Joshua Juvrud (Product owner, Concept Design)
  • Kentaro Hayashida (Programming, Visual Effects, 3D art, 2D art)
  • Jan Plähn (Programming, Visual Effects, Sound Effects)

Last modified: 2022-05-05