Announcing the Transformative Play Initiative Event Series


"watercolor art and information about the Transformative Play Initiative Event Series

We are pleased to announce the Transformative Play Initiative Event Series at Uppsala University's Department of Game Design. Starting in July 2021, the series will feature monthly events, including lectures and roundtables, from prominent thinkers and practitioners interested in using role-playing games as vehicles for change. We will also hold Town Hall Meetings for group discussions and lightning talks from community members on topics pertaining to transformative play. These events will take place on Zoom and will be archived in YouTube for posterity. 

Topics we plan to address:

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Educational Applications
  • Capacity Building
  • Therapeutic Considerations
  • Well-Being
  • ​Youth Work
  • Peace, Conflict, and Community Activism
  • Safety and Cultural Consultancy
  • Sustainable Heritage
  • Documentation and Integration

Stay tuned for more details about specific events!

Learn more about the Initiative in our introductory roundtable with TPI members Doris Carmen Rusch, Josephine Baird, Josefin Westborg, Kjell Hedgard Hugaas, and Sarah Lynne Bowman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9ZU-nkIFYQ

Learn more about Transformative Play at Uppsala and join the TPI mailing list: https://www.speldesign.uu.se/.../gam.../transformative-play/

Learn more about the Games & Society Lab at the Department of Game Design: https://www.speldesign.uu.se/research/games-and-society-lab/

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Image by Liliia Chorna.

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