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Event: "Designing Intensity: A Case Study of an Extraordinary 24h Scenario Session” by Lauri Lukka


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Join us for the first lecture in our Spring 2021 season of the Transformative Play Initiative Event Series: "Designing Intensity: A Case Study of an Extraordinary 24h Scenario Session” by Lauri Lukka!

When: January 18, 7 – 8:30 PM, Central European Time (CET)
Where: Online on Zoom

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Short live action role-playing scenarios have considerable potential in creating personal insight and understanding. Yet, what happens when the already intensive scenario format is pushed to the limit in an intense 24h gaming session that combines numerous scenarios? The lecture reflects on the psychological, emotional, and social dynamics of an experimental, exceptional gaming session. The post-mortem begins with concept design, continues to participant selection, designing the game content, and game-mastering in the session. The evaluation concludes with participants' self-reported impacts two years later. The case description illuminates the tension between intensity and safety, aspects that are both required for personal growth.

Presenter bio:
Lauri Lukka is a licensed psychologist and a designer. As a psychologist, he has focused on clinical psychology and therapeutic interventions. As a designer, he has written several freeform scenarios and papers on the intersection of psychology and games. Currently, he works as a senior service designer in an IT and strategy consultancy and writes his PhD in Aalto University on game-based digital therapeutics.

This series is hosted by the Games & Society Lab at the Department of Game Design, Uppsala University Campus Gotland. The series explores the use of analog role-playing games as vehicles for lasting personal and social change.

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