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Transformative Play Initiative at Knutepunkt


Title and members' names on watercolor background.
Members of The Transformative Play Initiative are presenting at the Edu-larp Conference (4 October 2021) and at the Knutepunkt conference in Oslo (7-10 October 2021).

Their presentation spreads information about Transformative Play Initiative's main research and educational goals. The description of the talk is as follows:

“We are delighted to announce and present the Transformative Play Initiative at the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University Campus Gotland with focus on analog role-playing games!

Are you involved in designing or implementing transformative play experiences or just curious about it? Do you work with these topics in your research or pedagogy? If so, come and hear what we are planning and let’s see what synergies we can find!

We are particularly interested in applied play, in which games are employed as a means to assist participants on their journeys of growth for personal and social transformation.”

In addition, two members of the Initiative will also present their research. Josephine Baird will give a talk on “Role-playing the Real: Designing for Trans and Nonbinary Experiences and Explorations in Larp.” Kjell Hedgard Hugaas will present his work on “The Final Chapter: Practicing Dying Through Play.”

Invited as one of the keynote speakers is Josefin Westborg from the initiative, who will give her take on “10 Years of Working Professionally with Edu-Larp.”

More information about the annual Edu-Larp Conference is here.
More information about Knutepunkt is here.

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