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Introducing the Master's in Transformative Game Design (60 cr.)


The Department of Game Design is starting a Master's in Transformative Game Design (60 cr.) with an emphasis on the use of analog role-playing games as a vehicle for personal and social change!

At the Department of Game Design, we are building upon our Certificate Track by offering a Master's programme of 60 credits. The courses are taught entirely online at half-speed (50% or 20 hrs per week), mostly asynchronously with video calls for playtesting.

The Master's is intended for professionals who want to integrate RPGs into their leisure, educational, or therapeutic games, e.g. teachers, counselors, youth workers, spiritual directors, coaches, business trainers, etc.

The courses in the Master's in Transformative Game Design (60 cr.) programme are:

YEAR 1, SEMESTER 1 (Autumn 2024)

Introduction to Transformative Game Design (7.5 cr.)
Transformative Game Design 1 (Design Focus, 7.5 cr.)

YEAR 1, SEMESTER 2 (Spring 2025)

Transformative Game Design 2 (Implementation and Player Skills Focus, 7.5 cr.)
Cultivating Transformational Communities (7.5 cr.)

YEAR 2, SEMESTER 1 (Autumn 2026)

Deep Games (7.5 cr.)
Advanced Game Design Research Methods (7.5 cr.)

YEAR 2, SEMESTER 2 (Spring 2027)

Master's Degree Project (15 cr.)

There will be two application periods, the first one opens on September 18 and closes January 15 and the second application period opens March 15 until April 15. For more information, please review the detailed information here. 

After reviewing the information and after the application has opened, you can also email additional questions to

We hope you can join us! Please help spread the word.

Last modified: 2022-10-25