Game Design Educators Summit

Game design educators are invited to the Department of Game Design on Campus Gotland for a summit two days prior to the Gotland Game Conference to discuss and exchange experiences and knowledge.

The Educators’ Summit is a two-day gathering of people teaching subjects in higher education that are relevant for games as artefacts and lived culture, particularly focusing on game design, art and animation, game programming, storytelling and narrative design, and the management of game projects. It happens in real life, on Gotland, May 24-25, right before the main part of Gotland Games Conference, which happens May 27-28.

From specific questions around teaching and being a teacher in this field, we also want to address the big questions, such as: what can we as game educators contribute to society and education at large? What is the value of Game literacy?

Our goal is to use these two days to exchange experiences around the challenges, joys, and lessons learnt of teaching “Games Stuff.”

Last modified: 2022-11-02