Game Design on Gotland

Game development is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic professional fields. Our international bachelor- and master programmes give you the tools to work with the game medium on a professional level and equips you to develop new expressions within the field. We also offer several short courses.

Gotland Game Conference

Game design student wearing a penguin hat while playing a game at the Gotland Game Conference

Unfortunately we must announce that the Gotland Game Conference has been cancelled this year, June 2020. This is an annual event we arrange with presentations, lectures and a wealth of networking opportunities where we also invite leading voices from the industry and academia to give presentations related to each years particular theme. 

International programmes

Since autumn 2016, we welcome students from all over the world to Campus Gotland and our three International Bachelor's programmes, which are taught entirely in English.

The programmes all have Game Design as their major, in combination with a minor in either Graphics, Programming or Project Management.

We also offer a Masters programme in Game Design.

Game design students participating in a Game Jam